Summer UX Internship 2023
What If Media Group​​​​​​​
In the Summer of 2023 I worked in New York City for What If Media group. As a UX intern, I designed and prototyped landing pages and loading screens for a number of their brands that receive 100,000+ clicks per day. 

It was extremely rewarding experiencing the process of communicating with stakeholders to understand their vision, fellow designers to critique each others work, developers to ensure the ideas were assembled correctly, and the marketing team to see the performance of the sites.
Time Frame:
May - August 2023
What If Media Group UX Team
UX/UI Design
Skills/ Tools:
Figma, Developer Communication, Stakeholder Communication
Loaders were relatively simple tasks, but they acclimated me to my position and allowed me to understand how my team worked and what kind of work I’d be doing throughout the summer. Loaders were very quick to receive performance reviews and as the designer, it was validating to see revenue on these sites increase.
Landing Pages
What took up the majority of my time this summer was designing landing pages for all the different brands in both desktop and mobile versions. A lot of the existing landing pages felt outdated, so I’m glad I was able to give these pages updates.
When working on my design files I always took the extra time to create organized components because it 1. Kept me organized 2. Allowed the front-end developers to easily see which components needed to be where 3. Allowed me to make changes across all designs quickly and 4. Allowed me to switch from desktop to mobile designs fast.
The Bethea astrology page was a culmination of everything I had learned from the Summer. Starting fresh from wireframes I fully designed and prototyped the entire desktop and mobile sites.

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