Booking Optimization
Intercontinental Hotel Group
Many major hotel brands offer an online booking experience that does not pay mind to the actual wants and needs of the customer, resulting in an impersonal and frustrating experience for users.
Time Frame:
October - December 2023
Teddy Koutsoftas, Kate Murray, Hannah Wittenstein
Research, User Testing, UX/UI Design
Skills/ Tools:
Design Goals
Get to know customers through a personalized booking process

Create an ongoing dialogue between IHG and their customers, by
building upon existing features such as stay preferences

Through research and user interviews we found that while people take many kinds of trips, IHG’s website attempts to broadly address all of them at once. Our design utilizes not only users general preferences, but their specific preferences based on the type of trip.
AI Assisted Search
Search Flexibility
Tailored Recommendations
Wireframes + Final
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